Bulk Email Resellers purchase large amounts of sending and distributing

Bulk email reseller

Now, easily manage your customer accounts. With our advanced Reseller Panel, thousands of Resellers have been able to easily run Bulk Email Reseller Business. With all the necessary features, without us even interfering much of your intervention, you yourself will be able to manage your business with ease.

Building your business from the ground, by starting to offer Email Marketing Service under your own brand. Your users will see your logo and you provide support. Hence, With our Email Marketing tool, it’s easy for your users to send Mass Emails and one less to worry about being supported support them and build standing with Dedicated Email Platform. We know what it takes to function a successful Bulk Email Marketing Service in India. We have been helping clients of diverse sizes, and reason in productively delivering Emails.
Resellers purchase large amounts of sending and distributing these services to their user accounts, charging their customers with their own rates for sending and for any separate additional value that adds to what they provide.
Resellers with fewer clientele and/or those who do not post a lot of email may purchase “pre-paid” block of distribution quota that last for a year or until used up.  This can be cheaper than a periodical payment for clientele with infrequent or spiky distribution needs.

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