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Getting the most out of your Bulk email campaign


The advent of email revolutionized communication to a degree of fast and precise intimation

used extensively in the corporate world. Gone was the need to pass down slops of paper

carrying memos. All it required was one email and the option bulk email. Today business

organizations are effectively using bulk email services to maximum effect. Bulk email is now

the mainstay of promotional internet activity where companies looking to email solutions gain

an edge over competition resorting to conventional means.

Bulk emails reach out to a wider target audience

One of the main advantages of bulk emails is to reach out to a wider target audience in a cost

effective manner. This benefits not only companies but consumers as well who are well

informed of current market trends and new products. However a responsible and effective

marketing campaign should not lose itself in the jungle of spam related activities. Unsolicited

and continuous bulk emails are also recognized as spam by servers and as a result a good

campaign can end up in the trash can. How does one make use of an effective email marketing

campaign without making it look like spam?

Interaction and solicitation is important

Interacting with consumers is imperative if you want a positive market response. A good

website that centers on an effective campaign should also solicit customers for subscribing to

emails. Thus a website should feature options for a consumer to click on if he wants to

subscribe to the website newsletters or receive emails. A positive response enables the

promotion of products and advertisements direct to the consumers email.

Identify your target audience and your email audience

One of the most important aspects of brand building is identifying a segment of potential

consumers who would be using a brand. But In the age of the internet not all consumers would

prefer receiving emails due to the innumerous amount of promotional emails one receives

every day. Thus it would be safer to identify an email audience with as much relevance to the

brand campaign.

Keep subject matter relevant to your product

Time is precious. Do not fill your email with irrelevant data and statistics that would bore a

consumer. Keep your email informative and to the point. Remember you are sending out bulk

emails. Crisp informative statements relating to the benefits of the products helps you keep

your emails short and sweet. This also gains you time to generate a larger amount of emails per


Don’t waste time with attachments

Attachments with emails are a cause for disdain in today’s world of the internet. What with the

number of malware and viruses being spread around, an email with an attachment will

invariably be viewed with suspicion. Another turn off factor for any consumer is an html

format. Loading time for an html mail is extremely slow and no consumer will even consider

spending time on a mail she may not consider important.

Utilize third party services with bulk email mechanisms

Recognizing the need for email campaigns has given way to related services focusing on

generating bulk emails on behalf of clients. Using a third party for your bulk email solutions

gives you time for engaging in other aspects of your campaign. The benefits of a third party

mechanism are the analysis reports and follow up of the campaign which will help you know

how productive or nonproductive your campaign is. This is an important aspect of any

marketing campaign which provides room for change of strategy if required.

Unresponsive addresses should be discarded

Do not waste time with email addresses which are not responsive because it serves no purpose.

Instead emails should be targeted at those who are responsive in a positive way. Bulk email if

used effectively can work wonders for any campaign. Never divulge data of your email receivers

as these are confidential and meant for your database only.